Change. We Fear Change.

My beautiful Anaheim Calling community,

For years, Ducks fans have been spurned by critics as an apathetic, bandwagon group who don’t know hockey.

I’d like to tell those people to SUCK IT.

It has been nearly four years since Arthur offered me the opportunity to join AC and three-ish years since I took over. The growth the site has seen in this time period is nothing short of incredible. Anaheim Ducks fans are just as passionate as any other hockey fans. I’ve found a home here where I can talk about hockey and be taken seriously. This isn’t a pet project; it’s a passion.

With that being said, and with a somewhat heavy heart, I am stepping down at the end of the month and handing the reigns over to Chris. Some of you might have already seen it, but for those that haven’t, I have accepted the opportunity  to join the staff at Puck Daddy. When given the chance to work with your heroes, you can’t turn it down. My first PD post on Throwback Night was published this morning.

It’s time for a regime change anyway. I’ve been here long enough to know I’ve accomplished my goal of becoming the top Ducks fansite. I am a total control freak and I wouldn’t give the site over to Chris if I didn’t fully believe he can keep AC going. He is a walking encyclopedia of Ducks knowledge, a fantastic writer and an incredible person. I’m leaving you guys in good hands.

Chris, Kyle, Daniel, Derek, Kid, Cory, Kristen, Shawn, Kim, Carolyn, SK and Robby are the reasons the site has grown so much. I take such pride in all the work my incredibly hard-working staff has produced since I became Managing Editor. I expected a lot from them and they all rose to challenge. I can’t say how grateful I am to have such a collection of unique and talented hockey fans dedicated to this site.

Most of all, I want to thank all of our readers. Without you, this site would be nothing. Thank you for letting a blonde chick from Southern California live out one of her dreams.



P.S. As I am constantly reminding Chris, I’m not dying. I’ll probably pop in from time-to-time and write posts.

And if you don’t get my reference in the title, here you go!

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