Stadium Series: LA costumes and jersey fouls

California hockey fans get a lot of crap for not being ‘real fans’. You know, the ones who paint their beer-guts with a letter of their favorite player’s name because that’s what ‘real fans’ do.

Anyway, I got lost walking around Dodger Stadium yesterday trying to find the free food for the media. Instead of wandering aimlessly avoiding eye contact with people, I decided to covertly start taking pictures of some of the best, worst and WTF things I saw on my journey. Aaand away we go!

There might be some specific Kings lore on this one but I couldn’t find it on Google. It can only be one of two things: 1) California High School Rodeo Dynamite District 9 or 2) Dynamite – The Official site (comic book drawings NSFW).

This photo looks innocuous. It’s a guy wearing a Penner jersey from his days with the Portland Pirates. I was creepily stalking these guys so I couldn’t get the guy on the left to turn around. He is wearing a Ducks PONCHO. It had the webbed-D logo sewn on the front.

I’m sure Mr. Sal C is a nice guy, but that number is sacred, especially on a Kings jersey. There should be a ban on personalization of any jerseys with the number 99 on it. (That will be my platform when I run for Miss America.)

This guy was fantastic. Very nice, very funny, and very intense about his dislike of merchandise vendors; he was dressed head-to-toe in purple and silver Kings gear… I’m pretty sure the bucket/helmet on his head is self made.This fine Kings fan told me he had to sneak in all the gear he’s wearing, including the duck on a noose hanging from a hockey stick and the DUXSUCK license plate. (I couldn’t tell who signed it.) Some crazy Ducks fan added the picture of the dog…

I’ll have more from the LASS (LA Stadium Series) tomorrow!

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