Reminder, Marc-Andre Fleury isn’t playing for Team Canada (Video)

Many hockey fans don’t like it when us hockey writers use the phrase “potential [save, goal, hit, etc.] of the year”.

I don’t care. They can suck-it; they don’t write for this blog. Marc-Andre Fleury just submitted his nomination for ‘Save of the Year’ and I have accepted it.

The glove save by Fleury on Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson is so good, Karlsson can only laugh in amazement afterwards.

As a proud, red-blooded American, it is my duty to remind everyone Team Canada decided to NOT take one of the league’s best goalies because they’re scared of what could-be (even if they won’t admit it).

Fleury leads the league in wins with 30; the closest Team Canada goalie is Carey Price at 23. Fleury has a better GAA (2.25) than all three Canadian goalies. Price (.922) and Roberto Luongo (.920) are just slightly ahead of Fleury (.917) in save percentage. The excuse of ‘he has a great team in front of him’ as the reason for his success this season is ridiculous; especially in the context of Team Canada. Whatever.

Go Team America (song NSFW).