Letting Stastny walk; Buyer beware on Niskanen; Puck Daddy meet-up in Philly (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Hockey blogs – unite! Prior to the NHL Draft, get yer drink on in Philly Thursday, June 26th with Wysh, Leahy, Harrison, Jeff Marek, and the studly crew over at Broad Street Hockey. Come meet all the people you’ve been Catfishing for so long! [Broad Street Hockey]

• Not sure if you’ve heard this yet: Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler want to be traded. The asking price on both is currently something along the lines of first born children. [Pierre LeBrun]

• “Tampa Bay is not the NHL’s Lost and Found Box, so please stop trying to leave Jason Spezza down here.” [Raw Charge]

• Per clarification from the league: agents and teams can start talking about the parameters of possible deals now, and not wait until July 1st. [Russo’s Rants]

• Mark Kiszla suggests the Avalanche should let Paul Stastny leave and use his money elsewhere: “… Let Stastny walk as a free agent, then go shopping with the $6.6 million saved … See how far that cash, plus the ample room Colorado has under the salary cap, can go in luring a defenseman such as Pittsburgh’s Matt Niskanen and a wing sniper the ilk of Minnesota’s Matt Moulson.” [The Denver Post]

• Speaking of Matt Niskanen, he’s going to get a dump truck full of money from some team this off-season, but it’s buyer beware. [SB Nation]

• “It’s important to remember that the Canucks are effectively serving two masters this summer: winning, and more importantly, winning back the fans.” Local boy Sam Reinhart is central to both and Vancouver may give up a lot to get him. [PITB]

• Remember when Pegulaville was first colonized and how they spent to the edge of the cap? Now they’re $16-million away from reaching the salary cap floor. Getting Ville Leino off the books helped put them in this position. [Buffalo News]

• Islanders’ sale to Andrew Barroway is practically a done deal except for one small thing – current owner Charles Wang hasn’t signed off on it. [The NHL Shift (SBD)] 

• Are teams are better served with an experienced bench boss than a coach who might be great because he was successful in the AHL? [Tim Wharnsby]

• The Penguins have narrowed down their coaching search to one person. Earlier reports of it being Turd Ferguson are incorrect; Tits McGee’s candidacy remains unconfirmed. [NHL.com]

• Ducks GM Bob Murray on missing pieces needed to turn the team in to a Cup contender: “There are two or three. You watch the Kings, for example, and you watch how Drew Doughty has emerged as a superstar. Do we have a defenseman who can be that way? When we won the Stanley Cup, we had Scotty and Chris [Pronger]. That’s in the back of my mind all the time. Where is that guy, can you find that guy, and can you afford that guy? There’s also a center iceman. Is the time now, or do we have to step back and wait to see how these kids develop?” [Anaheim Ducks]

• For five years, SB Nation has had a complete NHL mock-draft with all 30+ sites in their hockey network. Who have the bloggers for your favorite team selected so far? [SBN NHL]

• Re-live the best and worst drafts in Florida Panthers history. [Fox Sports Florida]

• The best of Darryl Sutter’s pearls of wisdom (?) from the 2013-2014 season [Kings Insider]

• Creating a synthetic ice-rink in your yard for summer is all the rage in Saskatoon. Don Cherry’s head just exploded.  [CBC]

• Finally, Alex Ovechkin has landed in Vegas ahead of Tuesday’s NHL Awards, and is soaking in the atmosphere. (Note: Video not safe for epileptics) [Alex Ovechkin Instagram]