Senators’ new mascots break law with guerilla marketing campaign



The Ottawa Senators tried their hand at a little ‘guerilla marketing’ to promote the addition of a Prime Ministers Race at home games.

Here’s the thing: they went so ‘guerilla’ with the campaign around the city, they failed to notify the proper authorities and ended up breaking laws.

Throughout Ottawa, signs supporting the one of four prime ministers (Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Robert Borden and Sir William Lyon Mackenzie King) were placed among other candidate signs for the upcoming election. This confused the citizens of Ottawa.

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Susan Jones, the city’s general manager of emergency and protective services, said the signs don’t comply with city bylaws.

“We weren’t aware, despite the good intentions, that this was in relation to a Senators campaign,” she said. “We … thought maybe they were being put up in relation to the municipal election.

“We’ve been removing them as we’ve been getting complaints.”

(I imagine the complaints received were very polite.)

Only candidates participating in the election can put up signs, but that wasn’t the law the Sens broke. They didn’t have a permit to put up temporary signs on city rights-of-way. OF COURSE. Let this be a lesson to all the future criminals out there. Have your paperwork squared away before unleashing a crime spree of this magnitude on your city.

Breaking the law didn’t stop the introduction of the gigantic PMs, though. Even the mayor and the TOWN CRIER (!!) got involved in the festivities at city hall.