Adam Lowry ejected for boarding Patrick Kaleta (Video)

Things were getting nasty in the game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Winnipeg Jets. So Winnipeg’s Adam Lowry decided to go and make it worse.

Buffalo’s Patrick Kaleta was watching the puck after he released it when Lowry came in for the hit. Kaleta, with his shoulders square to the glass, had his head whip backwards before it makes contact with dasher. Take a look.

In recent player safety videos, the department has emphasized the number of seconds between the time the player receiving the check has released the puck and the time he was checked. Anything over a second or two usually results in a suspension.

The 6’5″ Lowry coasts from the goal line to Kaleta without taking another stride in an attempt to correct his trajectory. The check is well after the Buffalo player has released the puck, and he sees those Twinkie gold numbers the entire way.

For the hit, Lowry was ejected, given a 10-minute game misconduct penalty, and an additional 5-minute major penalty for boarding. Kaleta went directly to the locker room.

This is Lowry’s first season in the NHL, and his first brush with the law. He’ll probably receive a Black Friday phone call for a hearing unless Mr. Quintal decides to work on (American) Thanksgiving.

Oh, and because Buffalo is Buffalo, they didn’t score on the major power play – Winnipeg did. In 14-seconds after the penalty kill started nonetheless.