Top 10 hockey social media moments of 2014 (Puck Daddy’s Year In Review)

(Puck Daddy presents its annual look back at the year in hockey. Check back every day through the New Year for our many lists and hot takes.)

“You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.” Is that a byline for the 1992 cinematic masterpiece “Wayne’s World” or a description of social media as we know it? (Answer: It’s both.)

2014 had a helluva lot of social media news, both good and bad. In this post, we look back at the lighter side of the medium. Later on we’ll cover the more controversial issues that grabbed our attention.

10. Buckle Up Baby

This little Penguins fan, Ty, is about as intense as they come. If the Penguins win another Stanley Cup in his lifetime, he just might explode.

9. Gustl Kopitar, the NHL’s most adorable dog

There are so many pictures of Anze Kopitar’s dog Gustl, it’s difficult to pick just one. We’ve seen the one of him eating out of a mini Stanley Cup with his poppa. Here’s one of the eager little guy waiting for his dad to get done with work for the day. (Side note: Dustin Brown also has a Goldendoodle, and no one seems to care.)


8. Sochi’s toilet situation

Never heard of the guy who tweeted this, but it drew massive attention across the sports world. It even earned the author Sports Illustrated’s Sports Media Tweet of the Year honors. Best of luck to this guy and his sports career.


7. Tomas Hertl discovers the most magical place on earth – Dave & Busters

Hertl continues to acclimate himself to American culture, and we’re all lucky to witness the process. After teammate Matt Nieto took Hertl to D&B for the first time, the young Sharks forward was in love. So much so that he went back BY HIMSELF and amassed a small army of friends from his winnings.


6. @NHLonNBCSports tweets a question that blows our minds (it was later deleted)…

5. Jay Feaster trolls the Oilers

The real Jay Feaster, you know, the former Calgary Flames GM, took to Twitter to pour salt into the open, oozing wounds of the Edmonton Oilers. He later clarified his tweet was meant to be lighthearded and just poking a little fun. Sure it was, Jay. Sure. It. Was.


4. Teemu Selanne’s son designates Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau for assignment

Boudreau made the decision to healthy scratch the elder statesman, Selanne, for Game 4 of the Ducks series against Dallas. Of course the decision was met with much debate, and it was amped up further after Selanne’s teenage son tweeted the following (which was later deleted).

3. Steven Stamkos ‘Favored Tweet Gate’

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News wrote a piece earlier in the year discussing the NHL having a LeBron-esque figure that could go ‘home’ one day to play. One of the players mentioned was Steven Stamkos and the possibility he could return home to Toronto. When THN’s Twitter account promoted the story, Stamkos added it to his list of favorites. LET THE RAMPANT AND UNNECESSARY SPECULATION BEGIN!

2. Sidney Crosby’s lovely hockey lump/mumps

Nothing like a superstar with an obvious case of the mumps acting like all is normal…


1. Luongo Kardashian

It’s…well…wow…ok, there are no words.