John Scott knocks out Tim Jackman with butt-end of stick, how many games? (Video)

John Scott is a hockey player for the San Jose Sharks. At least, that’s what we’re told. Jury is still out on if that is in fact true.

On Monday night, Scott and Anaheim’s tough guy Tim Jackman came together at far side of the net as the play was whistled dead. From far away, it looks slightly innocuous as Jackman flays on the ice. When the moment is shown up close, Scott takes a look at Jackman before sending the butt-end of his stick right into Jackman’s jaw.

Take a look…

Jackman stayed on the ice in the same position he landed on it in before starting to move his arms. A few minutes later, he was helped back to the bench. If it wasn’t for the concussion protocol in the league, Jackman would have tried to get back on the ice right away to beat people up. It was announced at the beginning of the third that Jackman would not return to the game.

There was only one penalty as a result of the whole ordeal, and it was to Andrew Desjardins for goalie interference. None of the officials saw what took place between Jackman and Scott.

This was a pretty blatant intent to injure, and Scott will likely be hearing from the Department of Player Safety soon. It won’t be his first run-in with the law. Actually, it won’t even be his first hearing as a result of something he did while playing aginst the Ducks this season. In October, he was given a two-game ban for leaving the bench to fight … wait for it … Anaheim’s Tim Jackman.

(s/t Hockey Reddit)