Ducks score twice in single shift against Leafs, goal awarded to Atlanta (Video)

The Toronto Maple Leafs season may be best summed up by what happened Wednesday night in Anaheim.

It started with Toronto’s Richard Panik and Trevor Smith taking penalties at the same time, giving the Ducks a full two-man advantage. Credit to Toronto for holding their own for nearly the entire penalty kill. Key word there is ‘nearly’.

Then the craziness began…

With 4-seconds remaining on the 3-on-5, Anaheim’s Kyle Palmieri sent a puck past Jonathan Bernier. At least, he thought he did, but the play continued. Everyone on the ice seemed a bit stunned, leaving Hampus Lindholm to grab the puck, and without a doubt, score on Bernier.

Yep, the Ducks scored twice on one shift against the Leafs.

The NHL wanted to make sure the right Duck was credited with the goal, and proceeded to review the Palmieri shot, instead of just giving the for-sure goal to Lindholm.

It gets better.

Once the Palmieri goal was confirmed by the Situation Room, the referee had the task of explaining the result to the crowd. He proceeded to award the goal to ‘Palmieri of ATLANTA’ before correcting himself. (Didn’t I mention the game is IN Anaheim?)

Here’s the video of the whole ordeal: