Dan Carcillo injures Mathieu Perreault with vicious cross-check (Video)

Daniel Carcillo is not a popular man in among many of those who follow National Hockey League. He can cross the province of Manitoba off the list of places he’s welcomed in Canada after his decision to cross-check Jets center Matheiu Perreault.

To set up the video you’re about to witness – and if you’re squeamish, it’s probably not for you – Perreault was initially whistled for knocking Duncan Keith’s stick out of his hands. As the play comes to a halt, Perreault is standing next to the boards with his back to the on coming Carcillo, and the Blackhawks forward cross-checks Perreault in the arm; a completely unnecessary move on Carcillo’s part.

Again, WARNING: the video is a bit gnarly, via @GoJetsGoDmo:


Yeah…arms aren’t supposed to bend like that.

Perreault went immediately to the ice and stayed there as a scrum started around him. When he was finally able to get up, he was slumped down and holding his arm as he skated off. He did not return to the game.

Carcillo was earned a two-minute minor for the cross-check.

The Jets wouldn’t comment on Perreault’s status except to say that he’d be re-evaluated tomorrow. Some beat writers noted on Twitter that he was in the locker room after the game, but made no mention of a cast or a sling.

Ok, now that we’ve addressed what happened, let’s look at what could happen next.

According to Chicago Sun-Times beat writer, Mark Lazerus, the Department of Player Safety is reviewing the cross-check to decide if it is worthy of supplemental discipline. As of right now, no decision has been made regarding a hearing.

Carcillo has a reputation, and that will probably factor into the DoPS’s decision whether or not to move forward with further discipline. They’ve also been factoring injuries into decisions lately, and if that video is any indication of what Perreault’s current status might be, it doesn’t look good for the one they call ‘Car Bomb’.