Top 10 moments of the 2015 All-Star Game Draft

You know how you dread going to weddings, but once you hear there is going to be an open bar, it doesn’t seem all unmanageable after all? That’s kind of how the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft worked for the players involved.

Oh and they did not disappoint.

Thanks to the boozy antics of some, this event has set the bar high for the rest of the weekend. That is, unless, they let the players drink before the skate… Anyway, this will likely be the highest point of all the festivities, personality showcasing-wise.

Here are just some of the highlights from the evening… enjoy!

10. Gingers stick together, and tell the truth(ish).

Our resident redhead, Sean Leahy, spoke with fellow carrot tops, Claude Giroux and Jakob Voracek, following the draft, and got the scoop of what they were sipping on. Sort of.


9. Ryan Getzlaf tries, and fails, to chirp Drew Doughty

The quote speaks for itself:

There was plenty of verbal jousting between the two leadership groups. At one point, Getzlaf chirped Team Foligno about only taking teammates, to which Doughty replied, “We shut him down pretty good” in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

8. Who let this child on to this stage?!

Tell me this is not the look of the most terrified teenager in the world. Johnny Hockey looks like Johnny-about-to-barfy.


7. Roberto Luongo and the secret to his magical hair:

(And Rick Nash talks for the first and maybe last time in the evening)

6. Oh c’mon Phil, don’t be THAT GUY.

As he sat waiting for the rest of his teammates to join him, Mr. Kessel took a second to do a little window shopping, if you will:

5. Brent Burns. Wait. What?

Apparently without teeth and having a beard is unappealing to Brent Burns’s wife?

4. Phil Kessel, one of the most coachable players…

Jonathan Toews had his humor chip flipped on (or at least lubricated with booze), and made a funny when taking the guy who was picked last the first time there was a fantasy All Star draft.

3. The Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin trade, Part Deux.

The NHL wanted a trade to go down during the fantasy draft, and they got the team captains to go along with it. It just so happened to involve two stars that have been down this road before…

2. Drew Doughty doesn’t realize microphone is on.

The one they call Dewwy didn’t give an eff the entire night and it showed in a delightful way. One of the best moments was early on in the evening when he didn’t realize the mic at his podium was live, and he was caught talking about someone being married, then asking team captain Nick Foligno if he was married. Awkwardness ensued:

1. Alex Ovechkin.

Was it just a case of ‘Ovi being Ovi’, or more of an ‘Ovi being Ovi-er served’? Wysh has a full detailing of the Capitals forward’s antics, but here’s a taste. Alex reaaaally wanted to be last and win the free Honda (despite making bajllions of dollars). Pierre only encourages as Pierre can, with a goofy giggle face.