Brian Elliott, Vladimir Tarasenko take Breakaway Challenge selfie (Photo)

There is a first time for everything, right? Now we have our first ever hockey action shot selfie.


They may be on the same team in the NHL, but for All-Star weekend in Columbus Vladmir Tarasenko and Brian Elliott of the St. Louis Blues are opponents.

Although, opponents is a term that should be used very loosely when it comes to these two competing against each other in the Breakaway Challenge. It’s an event that encourages two things: 1) creativity by the shooter, and 2) doing everything you can NOT to get injured as the goaltender.

With this is mind, the Elliott and Tarasenko teamed up to create social media magic – a hockey selfie.

We’d like to see Kim Kardashian and her minions try to pull something like this off.

“I think I was just thinking about it on the plane,” Elliott said afterward. “I thought it would be a cool picture first of all, and then to do it in the competition worked out well. Vladdy had a good pose too.”

But what about those great photography skills, Brian?

“I’ve gotta pat myself on the back for that one,” he said. “It didn’t turn out blurry or anything.

“Maybe it’s just good lighting in the arena.”