Team Foligno wins Skills Challenge Relay (Video)

To interpret the rules of the Skills Challenge Relay, one needs a Ph.D. in something like rocket science. Here’s proof from the NHL website:

The players were challenged with taking one timers from different angles, making passes into tiny nets, skating and puckhandling around cardboard Gatorade bottles, and puckhandling around spaced out pegs.

What did we learn? A few things…

First, the GoPro cameras on helmets are a cool idea, except they can make those prone to motion sickness very nauseous. Second, Ryan Getzlaf is King of Tiny Nets! And third, if Jeremy Roenick and/or Pierre McGuire says a player is good or bad at a certain skill, they will instantly become the opposite of what they declared.

Final Results: Team Foligno wins 2-1 somehow.