Cincinnati Cyclones become Iron Man for a night, Arc Reactor unavailable (Photo)


Who says you can’t dress up like a superhero when you’re an adult? At least, dress-up any night other than Halloween and not get arrested?

Saturday night, the Cincinnati Cyclones (ECHL) embraced their inner-Tony Stark, and donned uniforms resembling the famous Iron Man suit. Dry wit, not included.

The Cyclones redesigned their logo in August 2014. It fit perfectly as the Arc Reactor seen on Iron Man without all those messy copyright infringement issues.

We are short a few superheros to make a full set of Avengers.

The Cyclones have provided Iron Man. Back in 2012, the Toledo Walleye brought out Captain America. Finally, Brad Marchand gave us Thor, but not one we’d really like to remember. Hopefully with the release of the next movie, we’ll see some more jerseys on the ice next season

(s/t to @j_tasca for the heads up.)