Outdoor hockey in Happy Valley; cap growth dividing players; 7 more years of Jagr? (Puck Headlines)


• Paul Coffey and Jaromir Jagr reunite for a photo-op after 25 years. Coffey’s flow back in the day was SICK, and that’s saying something in comparison to Jagr. [Jaromir Jagr]

• Jagr, meanwhile, thinks he can play seven (7!!) more years. We wouldn’t put it past the 43-year old. [Sportsnet]

• Dreger: Vegas owners confident in move towards NHL franchise. (It would be more concerning if they weren’t.) [TSN]

• “The issue of the [salary cap] growth factor, commonly referred to as the “inflator” or “escalator,” has become a hot topic of conversation amongst players with growing concerns about increasing escrow rates and the potential implications on revenue with the falling Canadian dollar … there is a divide between two camps of players: those who are already under contract for next season and those who are pending unrestricted free agents.” [ESPN]

• “Why Flyers’ Vincent Lecavalier is tradable, and why Predators, Panthers owners vetoed deals in summer.” [NJ.com]

• Flyers vs. Penguins outdoor game in Happy Valley could happen for the 50th anniversary season for both teams in 2017. [Broadstreet Hockey]

• “The National Women’s Hockey League is brand new, and there’s already a heightened interest in a US-based league that will pay its players. However, there is also some skepticism about how the league will work. While more will likely be revealed in the coming weeks, Dani Rylan is beginning to address these concerns.” [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• Nick Cotsonika’s Three Periods: The tanking paradox; dramatic drop in power plays; NHL notes. [Yahoo Sports]

• Numbers some teams would die for: “Over 96 percent of Jets season ticket holders have renewed their terms.” [Winnipeg Free Press]

• A man and his hockey team Based on the title of the article, guess which one, “To The Victor Goes No Spoils.” [What’s Going On In Buffalo]

• Deconstruction of a Canadian custom, or, Coyotes 4, Sabres 3. News Art Critic Colin Dabkowski tweeted a different kind of coverage of Thursday’s nights hockey game. [Buffalo News Storify]

• The NCAA men’s hockey tournament begins today. The coaches and players react to the pairings. [College Hockey News]

• Chicago adds to their depth by signing collegiate players: forward Kyle Baun (Colgate) and defenseman Michael Paliotta (Vermont). [Daily Herald]

• Dave Lozo on why NHL fans should curb their enthusiasm on undrafted NCAA players. [Bleacher Report]

• The Rangers are facing a metaphorical goaltending fork in the road for the playoffs: Henrik Lundqvist or Cam Talbot? Here’s some analysis. [Medium]

• Max Pacioretty gave Team USA some unfounded advice ahead of the Olympic meeting with Canada and facing teammate Carey Price. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]

• Devan Dubnyk has been the key piece in the Wild’s resurgence, but he’s not the only one providing the defense. [Star Tribune]

• Looking at the fantasy hockey implications of Vancouver’s Chris Tanev and his new contract of $22.5-million over five years. [Dobber Hockey]

• With or without Erik Karlsson and Marc Methot: How do Senators centers fare? [The 6th Sens]

• Ottawa 67’s outscore Niagara IceDogs, Sarnia stuns Erie: OHL post-game questions. [Buzzing the Net]

• Top five NY Islanders logo concepts. [Hockey By Design]

• Please donate what you can to ‘The Alex Dritsas Support Fund’. Dritsas, a veteran, was injured while playing hockey, and suffered a spinalcord injury that could leave him paralized from the chest down. Every dollar helps. [Go Fund Me]

• Remembering the 1915 Vancouver Millionaires. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

• Finally, a PSA from the Senators for all you would-be hamburger tossers out there. (P.S. Burger tossing: hilarious the first time; funny the second; okay, we get it, the third.) [Ottawa Senators]