Chicago, Tampa mayors offer beer and food in series bet

As we prepare ourselves for hockey’s Christmas, we must observe the ritual that comes with each major sports championship: the mayoral wagers.

To the tale of the tape!

First up is feisty Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel. After serving as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Mayor Emanuel was elected to his current position in 2011. He was in office when the Blackhawks won their last Cup in 2013, and helped Patrick Sharp lift the trophy (with both hands):

According to NBC Chicago should the Blackhawks lose to the Lightning, Emanuel has bet the following:

“… 122 slices of Eli’s cheesecake (one for each year of the Stanley Cup), a case of craft beer from Slap Shot Brewing, a mustard fried catfish and peach cobbler from BJ’s Market, and Giordano’s best deep-dish pizza.”

Mmm. Pizza and beer and cheesecake. /drool

As is also tradition, the mayor gives a friendly parting shot to his opposition.

Again, from NBC Chicago:

“Once again, I look forward to continuing one of my favorite Chicago traditions – the Blackhawks playoff wager,” Emanuel said in a statement. “I have full confidence in the Blackhawks’ ability to reclaim the Cup, and I look forward to enjoying Tampa’s best treats while watching our hometown heroes parade down Michigan Avenue.”

In the other corner is Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn. Mayor Buckhorn is a longtime civil servant who also took to his post in 2011. He helped Tampa Bay raise their playoff banner to begin the playoffs, and took this (awkward) picture with a bearded bug:

 For his part of the bet, Mayor Buckhorn offers up the following in the wager. From the Tampa Bay Observer:

“… Buckhorn will forfeit a case of Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale along with 122 mini-Cuban sandwiches and a “1905” salad from the Columbia Restaurant.”

Mmm. Beer. Helps wash down the salad.

The Tampa Bay Times has Buckhorn’s parting shot:

“I’ve offered up to send some of Tampa’s best beer and best food to Mayor Emanuel should the Lightning not prevail, but candidly, my staff is already looking forward to enjoying Chicago pizza and cheesecake.”

BOOM. Very polite.

One year, wouldn’t you love to see a mayor challenge another mayor, Brian Burke barn fight style? For the honor of the city! Maybe that’s more of a governor kind of bet.

May the best city win.