Corey Crawford gives up funky bad goal in Game 2 (Video)

Lilliputian Lightning forward Tyler Johnson had not scored in 16 days. He was bound to break that streak. Yet, no one predicted it would come on a goal like this…

As cliche as it is to say, Corey Crawford is going to want that one back, both literally and figuratively.

Johnson fired the puck on net from his backhand. With Crawford hugging the post so tight you’d think they were dating, the puck somehow ends up in the back of the net.

Upon closer inspection, the puck appears to hit Crawford up near the name plate and roll down his back and into the goal.

From Steph:


The goal put the Lightning up 3-2 in a wild second period.

Tough break for Crawford and the Blackhawks. However, they should know better than anyone: pucks shot from weird angles on net can be lethal. Just ask Ducks goaltender Frederick Andersen.