Blackhawks faithful invade Wrigleyville, thousands celebrate throughout city (Video)

It’s apropos to quote two of Aurora, Illinois’ most famous residents in honor of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory.


In the spirit of Wayne and Garth’s eternal message, we take a look around at just some of the fantastical celebrations throughout Blackhawks nation.

First we head to Wrigleyville where it appears the entire city of Chicago is out in full force:


Not for the claustrophobic. Does this qualify as a throng of people or a horde of people?


How about these folks flooding the streets of Archer Avenue after the win? Frat boys. Check. Drunk girls hugging everyone? Check. Screaming and yelling? Check and check.

 JERSEY FOUL ALERT! Can you spot it? Hint: It’s next to the two d-bags.

Even fans at the Imagine Dragons concert in Allstate Stadium took time to countdown the final seconds and celebrate the ‘Hawks victory!

The rule is that you’re not allowed to lift the Stanley Cup over your head until you’ve won it. Rule does not apply for children. Really hope that kid is his…


For those out celebrating: party hard, wear a cup, and for the love of Gord, don’t be THAT guy.