Pass or Fail: Arizona Coyotes new(ish) home and away uniforms

There is one thing we know for sure about the Arizona Coyotes next season: they will have new home and away uniforms.

Drum roll please…

Oh. Okay…

Let’s be honest, aside from giant Coyote head and the maroon/white color palate, none of us outside the Arizona fan base can recall what the old uniforms looked like in whole.

And sadly they didn’t return to this:

Here’s the description of the changes directly from the Coyotes press release:

The body of the Coyotes home and away jerseys remains unchanged but the new jerseys feature an original sleeve stripe designed to connect with Arizona’s distinctive striated landscape. These bold sleeves, along with a striking black pant, will be worn both at home in Glendale and on the road. The new red jersey shoulder patch features a coyote’s paw “A” mark, an icon built for Arizona’s hockey fans; while the white jersey shoulder will carry an updated “AZ” mark, connecting back to the new word mark. Finally, a uniquely Southwestern pattern in the jersey’s neckline connects the Coyotes to the legacy of Arizona. This updated uniform features Reebok’s latest technological innovations and represents an industry leading commitment to the best for the athlete.

That is one impressive description of minor tweaks. Of course that random horizontal stripe on the sleeve harkens back to the ‘distinctive striated landscape’ of Arizona. Guess they took their inspiration from the flat tops of the mesas.

So, what say you, loyal Puck Daddy readers, pass or fail?

Now, where they’ll be wearing those home uniforms is a whole other question.