Texans J.J. Watt blasts slapshot in Wisconsin charity game (Video)

How amazing, yet terrifying (for players), would it have been to see all 6-foot-5, 289-pounds of J.J. Watt barreling down NHL ice? For Wisconsin hockey fans, they got a glimpse of ‘what could have been’ at the Blake Geoffrion Hockey Classic.

Former NHL’er Geoffrion was ready to take a penalty shot against St. Louis Blues netminder Brian Elliott when it was announced a ‘loophole in the rule book’ allowed a substitute to take the shot. SAY WHAA? More like… SAY WATT?! (I’ll show myself out.)

Out skated Watt wearing his number 99 jersey (fun fact: also the sweater number of Wayne Gretzky.) He kicks the puck to his stick, skates, stops above the hash marks and fires a slapper on net.


Looks like Watt’s skating is a little rusty, but he’s got a shot that goalies are scared of. Or fake scared of. Watch Elliott barrel roll out of the way like a boss…


Watt grew up with Wisconsin Badgers hockey and saw himself there one day.

He’d get to Madison, but as a football player. When Watt was 13-years-old, he made a decision to stop playing hockey and devote his time to football. It was a move that’s worked out well for the Houston Texans star defensive end. 

Maybe when his football career is over, he can come back to hockey. There’s got to be a GM out there crazy enough to take him on as a project.