Frederik Andersen’s new mask turns him into ‘The Dark Duck’ (Photo)

Nowadays, when you have a hit, you make a sequel. “The Lego Movie” was a smash hit and the follow up will come out in 2017.

This is not lost on Frederik Andersen.

As a sequel to his Lego mask from last season, the Anaheim Ducks netminder kept the theme, but took it to a whole other level. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, ‘The Dark Duck.’

GET IT?! The Dark Knight? The Dark Duck?!

From mask designer to the stars, the incredibly enthusiastic, Dave Gunnarsson of

The mask is loaded with all the insane DAVEART Super FX, and among them the GLOW Tech FX 2.0, so it glows in the dark, as the true Dark Duck he is…

Frederik is transformed into a superhero, The DuckMan…! Of course with the awesome old school Ducks logo on his chest, and the coolest weapon ever… a Lego goalie stick. Even the awesome Ducks logos on the sides are transformed into the DuckMan…! Watch out villains…! Anaheim Duck´s Danish goalie Frederik Andersen is…. Lego DuckMan – The Dark Duck…! Frederik Andersen is a huge Lego fan, just like me. And since Frederik is from Denmarkjust like Lego, Frederik wanted to pay tribute to the coolest toy ever His Lego mask from last year was a huge success… and here comes the next chapter.

Replacing Emmet as the main character on the mask is Batman. (Side note: The character is voiced by Will Arnett, a massive Toronto Maple Leafs fan.) Andersen had Emmet on the mask because people told him he looked like the toy.

Might I suggest Beaker from the Muppets for the next mask?

As far as sequels go, Andersen has the right idea. And as with most sequels, results will be proven at the box office, or for the goaltender, on the ice.

No word if John Gibson will be adding a Lego version of Robin to his bucket.