John Gibson’s new mask: Duck Hunt meets Rambo (Photo)

Anaheim Ducks netminder and American hero, John Gibson, has an affinity for video games. For his past two mask designs, he’s used Pac-Man and Space Invaders as the inspiration for the art. 

To round out the video game trilogy, Gibson and helmet artist to the stars, Dave Gunnarsson of, looked to an unlikely source… Duck Hunt.

Not exactly the game one thinks of when correlating success and ducks. It even has the image of the dog who enjoys fetching the carcasses of the deceased water fowl. 

(And I’ll say what everyone is thinking: it’s a metaphor for the Bruce Boudreau era of the Ducks. Or how about, this is in preparation for the day Gibson is inevitably traded?!)

On the opposite side is Rambo Duck with his ‘nuclear zapper’, coined by Gunnarsson. The artist enthusiastically explains further:

The Pixel Ducks friends is here, and it is Rambo Duck, ready to pay back!! He is holding his Zapper 2.0… and check it out… it is loaded with nuclear shots… Watch out doggy! The mask is loaded with details all over the mask, just as the storybook it is … Maybe Rambo Duck shot himself as well with the Nuclear Zapper… because his mask is glowing in the dark…!

It’s a great design, as usual, from Gunnarsson. However, if Dave’s other client, Frederik Andersen has his way, Gibson will only be donning this mask at practice and during warmups.