Every NHL Team from A to Zed in Puck Daddy’s Summer Series

Another summer series has come and gone, and training camp will soon be upon us.

Thank you to the 33 talented female writers who produced an amazing series. They volunteered their time and creativity for an epic task (just ask those who covered the Original 6). Plus, finding a word that starts with the letter X is not easy.

Treat yo’ self by taking a read through all 30 NHL teams from A to Zed:

Anaheim Ducks by Liz Brownstein

Arizona Coyotes by Catherine Silverman

Boston Bruins by Sarah Connors

Buffalo Sabres by Stephanie Delio

Calgary Flames by T. Ari Yanover

Carolina Hurricanes by Jamie Kellner

Chicago Blackhawks by Eliza Eaton-Stern

Colorado Avalanche by Cheryl Bradley

Columbus Blue Jackets by Alison Lukan

Dallas Stars by Taylor Baird & Erin Bolen

Detroit Red Wings by Maria Camacho

Edmonton Oilers by Sammi Silber

Florida Panthers by Heather Cooperman

Los Angeles Kings by Chanelle Berlin & Diane Phan

Minnesota Wild by Donna Carpenter & Emilie Wiener

Montreal Canadiens by Robyn Flynn

Nashville Predators by Caroline Davis

New Jersey Devils by Melissa Geschwind

New York Islanders by Dee Karl

New York Rangers by Beth Boyle Machlan

Ottawa Senators by Michaela Schreiter

Philadelphia Flyers by Mary Clarke

Pittsburgh Penguins by Ashley Chase

San Jose Sharks by Stace of Base

St. Louis Blues by Laura Astorian

Tampa Bay Lightning by Achariya Rezak

Toronto Maple Leafs by PhyllisKessel13

Vancouver Canucks by Jocelyn Aspa

Washington Capitals by Becca Henschel

Winnipeg Jets by Cara