Patrick Kane grand jury trial on hold, settlement discussed: Report

The grand jury trial for Patrick Kane’s involvement in an alleged rape was scheduled to convene Tuesday afternoon. Yet the proceedings have been put on an unexpected hold for the next two weeks.

From The Buffalo News:

A grand jury investigation into rape allegations against National Hockey League star Patrick Kane set to begin Tuesday afternoon has been abruptly postponed, according to three current and former law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case.

The reason for the delay appears to involve the possibility of ongoing settlement talks between attorneys for Kane and the victim, two of the sources said.

The word ‘settlement’ probably caught your eye. This is not something unique to any criminal or civil case. Trials cost money and it behooves the sides to come to an agreement before facing the judge.

Pure speculation here: it’s likely Kane’s camp wants the whole situation to go away, and perhaps, the alleged victim in the case does, too. Trials for crimes of this nature are emotionally and mentally taxing as the victim has to recount the experience over and over. It’s not about money. It’s about making the person as close to whole again as possible. Justice for some is found in different ways.

Update: Kane’s agent, Pat Brisson, spoke with Sportsnet about his client’s case.