Peter Chiarelli reportedly named GM of ‘Young Stars’ team for World Cup of Hockey

One day before the massive World Cup of Hockey media event in Toronto, news broke regarding the leadership of the ‘Young Stars’ squad of under-23 players from North America: 


Managing a group of “kids” under the age of 23? Isn’t that his regular job with the Oilers? Should be an easy transition.

The GM has a plethora of talent to pick from. His only constraints are: the players have to be from either the United States or Canada, and at or below the age of 23. It’s not completely clear yet as to what birthdate cut off the tournament is using to determine eligibility the older Young Stars.

American and Canadian players who fall into the U23 threshold will automatically be sent to that group’s evaluation camp. So if you’re thinking, “Connor McDavid is so good despite not having played a single NHL game he could play for Team Canada,” cease your train of thought. He is a Young Star. Period.

Poor Canada. How ever are they going to find someone to take his place? (Sarcasm fully intended.)

In addition to his experience as an NHL GM, Chiarelli has served on the at the pleasure of Hockey Canada. This has its upsides and downsides. Looking into the crystal ball of future media hysteria, Chiarelli is likely going to make the fans of one nation mad for not including too little of their country’s representatives.

Will his national pride come in to play or can he keep it objective to build the best team? We’ll have to wait and see.

Update: Mr. Chiarelli now has assistant GM who knows a thing or two about winning: