Eddie Lack inks two-year, $5.5-million extension with Hurricanes

Goaltender Eddie Lack has a new contract with the …

(Be honest with yourself. Before reading the headline, did you remember what team Eddie Lack is on? Outside of two cities, it is acceptable not to know the answer.)

Lack, currently a member of the Carolina Hurricanes, and will continue to be a Hurricane for two additional seasons. As for salary, the ‘Canes are one of the few franchises to release the details themselves:

The deal will pay Lack $2.5 million in 2016-17, and $3 million in 2017-18. 

That’ll buy a lot of tacos

Carolina acquired Lack at this year’s draft for a third round pick in 2015 and a seventh round pick next year. When the trade was announced, the sound around the hockey world was that of Vancouver Canucks GM Trevor Linden crushing the souls of his team’s fanbase.

People love them some Lack and rightfully so. His helmet for this season is adorned with two indelible images: the Swedish Chef and Roberto Luongo. His Twitter account is amazing, especially when he’s lovingly trolling old teammates:


With Lack, 27, locked up for the next three years, the Hurricanes will have to make a decision on Cam Ward. The goaltender, 31, has been with the franchise his entire career. He’s entering the final season of his current contract that carries a $6.8-million cap hit and a no trade clause, leaving him an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Declaring Lack as the successor to Ward based on this signing may be a bit premature, seeing as the regular season hasn’t started yet. But it’s possible the writing is on the wall.