Cal Clutterbuck boards Zdeno Chara, confirms Chara still scary when mad (Video)

Like tickling The Hulk when he doesn’t expect it, making Zdeno Chara mad remains a very bad idea. But then again, Cal Clutterbuck has never been one to heed such warnings.

In a testy game on Friday night, Matt Martin was the first New York Islander to put a check on Chara. The Boston Bruins defenseman fell with his face and chest twisting towards the boards. In skates Clutterbuck who appears to extend his elbow making contact with Chara’s head.

Take a look and see what you think. Via Pat Iverson

Chara proceeded to chase Martin around the ice before the official told Big Z it was Clutterbuck who hit him. Tiny little official (in comparison to Chara), Kelly Sutherland, attempted to hold back the crazy-eyed Chara as he tried to get at Clutterbuck.

Clutterbuck was safely escorted to the penalty box to serve his two-minute boarding minor. Chara took his runs at and had words with Clutterbuck throughout the rest of the game but it didn’t amount of any additional penalties… just nightmares of the 6-foot-10 man for Clutterbuck.

Now the question remains: will Clutterbuck face supplemental discipline for the hit?