Dubinsky to have hearing for cross check to Crosby’s head (Video)

It took the Department of Player Safety nearly 10 hours to say that Matt Beleskey would not face supplemental discipline for his hit that resulted in Derek Stepan’s broken ribs. Approximately three hours after Brandon Dubinsky cross-checked Sidney Crosby in the back of the head, DoPS released this Tweet:


Realistically, when Dubinsky delivered a cross check to the back of the head of Crosby, the question was not IF Dubinsky would be suspended; it was how long would the suspension be. He did cross check the most famous player in the league who has had serious issues in the past with concussions/soft-tissue abnormalities in his neck.

Dubinsky broke his stick on Sid’s head and received a 2-minute minor for cross checking. Sid left the ice for the remaining 1:20 of the second period and returned for the third. 

Dubinsky and Crosby have a fairly contentious relationship. Nearly five years ago to the day, Dubinsky called out Crosby for a ‘dirty play’ during a broadcast. Back in February, the two dropped gloves in a rare fight by the Penguins captain. 

Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Post-Dispatch wrote up the post game comments from both sides, prior to Mr. Dubinsky receiving notice of his hearing:

“There’s no secret. I try to play him as hard as I can,” Dubinsky said. “That being said, I don’t try and do anything dirty. I felt like my stick ride up his back a little bit. He’s kind of bent over there in front. But again, that’s not the type of player I am. I’m going to play hard, but try and play fair and play in between the whistle.”

Asked immediately after the game — before he was contacted by the league — about possible supplemental discipline, Dubinsky said:

“I’m not thinking about it too much. We’ll see. They’ll make their judgment call, decide if they want to give me a call. I’m not out there ot injury anybody. I’m not out there to hurt him. I think I play the game the right way and play it hard. I think the stick rode up a little bit, but it wasn’t malicious or vicious or too hard in my opinion.”

The Penguins, of course, disagreed.

Crosby: “I’m not surprised, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m probably not surprised if I was going to get one of those shots, that it would be from (Dubinsky).” 

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford:”Yes. Yes. I think it’s exactly what we talk about, clamping down on preventing injuries. This is a good example of one that could have been real serious.”

Portzline noted this is Dubinsky’s third time with the disciplinary board; however, he has yet to be suspended.

So, how many games is Dubinsky going to receive? If it were up to the Penguins, it would be all of them. All the games.