Linesman deprives fans of a Ryan Kesler vs. Jonathan Toews fight (Video)

ANAHEIM, Calif. – We as hockey fans blame the officials for a lot of things. One of the most egregious though is depriving people of a fight nearly everyone and their mom (including the players moms) wanted to see: Ryan Kesler versus Jonathan Toews.

The two center icemen are not fond of each other. At the end of a very physical first period, the two reached their boiling points. From Steph (@myregularface), take a look:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING, LINESMAN RYAN GIBBONS?! Does the man not know he’s depriving two nations of a life force unknown to most humans?!

The two continued to chatter as they were escorted to their respective benches. Kesler with a smug, s— eating grin. Toews with an angry scowl as if he smelled something bad. 

Had this fight gone down, it would have been Toews’ third bout of the season. Earlier he fought Adam Henrique and followed it up with David Backes. Who knew he was such a goon? (RELAX BLACKHAWKS FANS. IT’S A JOKE.)