Marchand to miss Winter Classic, suspended 3 games for clipping (Video)

Brad Marchand will not be spending New Year’s Day with his teammates at Gillette Stadium. He will be sitting at home alone in shame (maybe).

On Wednesday, the Department of Player Safety suspended the feisty Boston Bruins forward for three games for clipping Ottawa Senators defenseman Mark Borowiecki.

As the video stated, Marchand has developed a nasty habit of taking out the opposition by targeting their lower extremities. While Borowiecki did not appear to be injured and completed the game, he could have been given the way he flipped onto the ice.

Marchand is no stranger to supplemental discipline. He has been suspended three times and fined twice in seven season career. However, under the current CBA, he is only considered a repeat offender from his most recent suspension in January when he slew-footed Derick Brassard. 

For his run in with the law, Marchand will forfeit a total of 164,634.15. While the money is a significant chunk of change, he will miss out on the opportunity to play in the Winter Classic against the Montreal Canadiens. 

One other thing to note, Marchand is fortunate to only be receive supplementary discipline on the clipping play. He speared Kyle Turris in the third period of the same game, or as the crew at NESN calls is ‘stick work,’ for which he received a slashing call. The game devolved into a penalty filled melee that the Bruins ended up winning 7-2.