Pass or Fail: NWHL All-Star jerseys for inaugural game in Buffalo

Earlier this week, the NHL released photos of their jerseys for the upcoming All-Star Game in Nashville. Despite having some snazzy backstory as to their design, the sweaters were nothing short of being entirely devoid of creativity. 

Unlike their big brother, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) is unafraid to challenge the status quo when it comes to jersey design. The NWHL went as far as making the crest of the jerseys captain specific instead of putting the league logo on the front.

From the NWHL:

The All-Star Game jerseys, manufactured by Pop Tops® Sportswear, feature the All-Star logo, designed by Marce de la Vega. Team Knight will wear a white jerseys and Team Pfalzer will wear dark blue. After the weekend is over, all jerseys except for Knight’s and Pfalzer’s will be auctioned off, with proceeds to benefit the NWHL Foundation.

Up first, visitors from Team Hilary Knight (or as the kids say, #TeamKnight):

Knight is the co-captain of the Boston Pride and all-round women’s hockey boss. Joining her on the ice are:

  • Captain Hilary Knight, BOS (F)
  • Kacey Bellamy, BOS (D)
  • Kelli Stack, CTW (F)
  • Kaleigh Fratkin, CTW (D)
  • Janine Weber, NYR (F)
  • Jaimie Leonoff, CTW (G)
  • Alyssa Gagliardi, BOS (D)
  • Jordan Smelker, BOS (F)
  • Brianne McLaughlin, BUF (G)
  • Shelby Bram, BUF (F)
  • Amanda Pelkey, BOS (F)
  • Jordan Brickner, CTW (D)
  • Madison Packer, NYR (F)
  • Hayley Williams, BUF (F)

As for the home team, it’s Team Emily Pfalzer. 

Pfalzer is the captain of the host Buffalo Beauts. The rest of #TeamPfalzer are:

  • Captain Emily Pfalzer, BUF (D)
  • Brianna Decker, BOS (F)
  • Meghan Duggan, BUF (F)
  • Kelley Steadman, BUF (F)
  • Nana Fujimoto, NYR (G)
  • Megan Bozek, BUF (D)
  • Gigi Marvin, BOS (D)
  • Blake Bolden, BOS (D)
  • Brittany Ott, BOS (G)
  • Shiann Darkangelo, CTW (F)
  • Emily Field, BOS (F)
  • Zoe Hickel, BOS (F)
  • Morgan Fritz-Ward, NYR (F)
  • Devon Skeats, BUF (F)

For those who like the little details in sweater design, here’s a few more tidbits. The All-Star logo has a crown on the top to represent the host city of Buffalo’s nickname, “the Queen City.” (Who outside of Buffalo knew that?!) The blue and gold colors are an homage to the Buffalo Sabres. There is a buffalo on the front part of the left hand side and the same little buffalo on the back in between the shoulder blades. YAY BUFFALO!

On site, the league will be selling All-Star logo specific merchandise like hats and t-shirts. Player specific items and online sales are TBD. 

The NWHL’s first All-Star weekend starts on Friday, January 22 in Buffalo, New York. The festivities culminate on Sunday, January 24 with the 4-on-4 All-Star Game. The whole weekend is affordable and gives fans access to superstars of the NWHL. Find more info at the NWHL website.