Ryan White earns match penalty for head hit on Tomas Jurco (Video)

After an exhaustive 33-seconds in total of work, Philadelphia Flyers forward Ryan White’s night ended when he was ejected from the game for elbowing Tomas Jurco of the Detroit Red Wings. 

At 2:20 of the first period, Teemu Pulkkinen passed the puck to Jurco who immediately sent a wrist shot on net. After he released the shot, BAM! White’s shoulder makes contact with the head of Jurco. Take a look.

A couple things the Department of Player Safety might take issue with.

First, the length of time between Jurco releasing the puck and when White makes contact; however, it’s unlikely the hit is considered late. At regular speed, it’s less than a second between the time Jurco releases the puck and when White makes contact.

Second, the way White follows through on his check. There is no doubt White makes contact with Jurco’s head. Did he lift up off his skates in order to make contact or was that a result of the impact?

Jurco left the game for a few minutes but returned later in the first period. 

White was assessed a match penalty on the play. With the match, he is automatically suspended the next game. The league can rescind the match, if they so desire.