Top 9 funny moments from NWHL All-Star competition


Thank goodness the women in the NWHL know how to have a good time and still put on an excellent All-Star game. They were super goofy and hilarious before, during, and after the All-Star skills competition and the game that followed. 

There were rumors one of the players wanted to include fire in her breakaway attempt (a la Johnny Gaudreau) but was denied for safety issues. BOOOOO.

Here are some of the top moments captured by fans and the NWHL teams that’ll give you a little chuckle before you’re bored to tears by this weekend’s NHL All-Star game in Nashville.

9. Pfalzer’s “help” with her breakaway goal.

This is your ‘awwwwww’ moment of the event. Team captain, Emily Pfalzer, of the hometown Buffalo Beauts enlisted the help of a tiny hockey player in a giant jersey for her goal of the breakaway competition. The goal celebration is adorable.


8. Officer Jaimie Leonoff in net.

Why is Jaimie Leonoff dressed like a cop? Why is she trying to strike pucks as if she has a golf club or baseball bat? Who know? Who cares?!?


Who doesn’t love a goalie race?!? Goaltenders skating at top(ish) speed is completely unnatural and hilarious. Yet they’re still competitors and will do what they need to in order to win.


6. “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

It’s Pfalzer again, this time during introductions. As each player is announced, she skates to the blue line. Being the captain, Pfalzer is left all by her lonesome until her name is called. As she skates forward, her teammates give her the ultimate, “Wayne’s World” inspired salute:


5. Haleigh Fratkin and the chicken mask

For some reason, Fratkin decided to attempt her first shot in the hardest shot competition with a chicken head on. It registered only 24 mph on the gun. She followed it up with a 76 mph shot sans mask.


4. The old ‘hidden hockey player in the gear bag’ trick.

Amanda Pelkey was announced as the next shooter in the breakaway competition, but she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, team captain Hilary Knight skated onto the ice with a mid-size bag on wheels. In full hockey gear, Pelkey emerges to shoot.



After the All-Star Game in the handshake line, Brianne McLaughlin nails Brittany Ott in the face with a pie. Just ‘cuz.


2. Megan Bozek wins hardest shot at 88 mph.

And [idiots] say girls can’t shoot the puck as hard as the guys … Go ahead and stand in front it.


1. Best goal celebration ever?

Move over Teemu Selanne shooting his glove. Emily Field has a grenade!


SEE NHL! It’s possible to have fun and still play hockey. And we have a lot of pyromaniacs as players and fans.