Crosby earns career points 900, 901, 902 in comeback over Florida (Video)

Before Connor McDavid became Connor McJesus, there was Sidney Crosby. The O.G. “Next One.”

Sitting on 899 career points coming into the game against the Florida Panthers, Sid and Pittsburgh Penguins teammates waited until the 5:04 in the third period to start making things happen.

The captain begins the comeback from the corner boards, sending a laser of a pass to the tape of Kris Letang on the far side of the net. The defenseman one-times the puck past Roberto Luongo.


Penguins cut the lead to 2-1 and Crosby earns career point No. 900.

With a 1:15 left on the clock, Sid scores his 22 goal of the season. The puck appears to redirect off Crosby, onto Luongo, and into the net.


Game tied. Point 901 secured.

A mere 8-seconds into overtime, Jussi Jokinen is hit with a penalty for hooking Letang. The Penguins proceeded to make the Panthers pay in the 4-on-3.

Crosby holds the puck at the red line as Letang gets to the spot where he scored his first goal of the game. Sid zips the puck across the front of the crease for another one-timer by Letang.


Penguins win. Sid earns career point 903.