Watch Patrick Roy nearly explode after losing coach’s challenge (Video)

Patrick Roy started to twitch after the Winnipeg Jets scored.

Andrew Ladd was positioned in front of the net when his butt makes contact with the mask of Semyon Varlamov. The goaltender is unable to recover from contact and make a save on Drew Stafford’s shot.

Roy challenges the goal on the grounds of goaltender interference and is unsuccessful. Then he loses his mind.

Courtesy of Steph (@myregularface):

Look at the faces of Mikhail Grigorenko and John Mitchell on either side of Roy. They’re watching referee Wes McCauley as he receives the fire spit his way by Roy.

Linesman Tony Sericolo finally intervenes and gets McCauley out of the way of the coach’s wrath. Whatever Roy says as the two start to separate ends up triggering a button for the referee. He tags up Roy with a 2-minute bench minor for “abuse of officials.”

Lucky for Roy, because he would have literally exploded into dust, the Avs kill of the power play.

As for the goal he was so angry about. Ladd taps the head of Varlamov with his rear end. It appears the goaltender falls backwards of his own accord and can’t make the save. You decide.


The NHL’s reasoning: “After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Referee confirmed no goaltender interference infractions occurred before the puck crossed the goal line.”

Patrick Roy firmly disagrees.

Ahh, coaches going crazy. We love it. Earlier this week, Joel Quenneville went ‘bananas’ over a disallowed goal.

Never change, men. Never change.