Wayne Simmonds, Tanner Glass fight, but not each other (Video)

It was a forgone conclusion Wayne Simmonds was going to have to fight someone on the New York Rangers roster in Sunday night’s game.

The weekend prior Simmonds knocked Ryan McDonagh out of the lineup with a punch to the jaw after McDonagh delivered a cross-check to the head of the Philadelphia Flyers forward. During the week, Tanner Glass pledged to be the one to deliver justice for his teammate.

But alas, the Glass-Simmonds matchup was not meant to be. 

During warmups, Simmonds and Dylan McIlrath were seen exchanging words. This carried over to puck drop. An agonizingly long 39-seconds into the game, the two finally dropped the mitts.

For an event that had a lot of build up, it was pretty ‘meh’ in the end. (A metaphor that works in so many ways on Valentine’s Day.)

Simmonds was clearly energized by the love shown by the New York crowd. He emerged from the box with a pretty nasty gash over his eye.

A brief 20 seconds later, Glass finally got the fight he was looking for. It began with him hitting Radko Gudas.


Glass promptly answered for it by throwing down with Ryan White. 


The rest of the period was chippy; yet, that’s pretty standard for a Flyers-Rangers game. Most likely Dave Hakstol and Alain Vigneault told their charges to knock it off and actually play once the first two fights were over.