Denna Laing interview, ‘I have no words for how grateful I am’ (Video)


In Denna Laing’s first video interview since suffering a serious spinal injury at the Women’s Outdoor Classic, she shows us all – again – what an incredible person she is in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. 

NBC Sports spoke to Laing after the Boston Pride’s final home game, dubbed ‘Denna Day.’ The team gathered around their teammate in the pregame as she brought her wheelchair out on the ice for her first public appearance.

In the wake of Laing’s injury, the groundbreaking moment of the women’s outdoor game at Foxboro has been lost in the shuffle. As she has in Tweets and Facebook messages before, she refocuses the attention from her to the significance of the event itself.

“… it was such an incredible moment for me, for the sport, for women’s hockey. It was so cool to be out there on the ice. I didn’t want people to forget about how important that was,” said Laing. “Just because a bad thing happened to me, doesn’t mean the moment was any less incredible. I wouldn’t give it back.”

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