Jaromir Jagr ties Gordie Howe for third in all-time scoring

With his secondary assist on an Erik Gudbranson goal, Jaromir Jagr is now tied with Gordie Howe for third on the all time scoring list with 1850 points.

The Florida Panthers have 18 games left in the regular season following tonight’s bout against Colorado. He needs 37 more points to catch up to Mark Messier in second place at 1887. It’s not impossible because this is Jagr we’re talking about, but it would be really difficult. He’s currently on the last year of his contract. Who knows if he’ll be back again next season.

What else could we possibly say that would surprise you about the ageless wonder that is Jagr? Well, how about he drank 10 cups of coffee a day before giving up the habit for Lent?

Two things: First, 10 cups of coffee is insane. Then again that might be part of the secret sauce that keeps him playing at 44-years-old. Second, he’s Catholic? Surely he went to confession over this dalliance with a lady friend.

Since kicking the coffee habit on February 15 (the beginning of Lent), He has 8 points in 8 games. He can go back to his coffee guzzling ways on March 27. Knowing how superstitious players are, maybe he’ll continue to abstain from coffee as he keeps getting results on the ice.