Jonathan Drouin burns year on entry level contract (Report)

The drama surrounding [pouting child] Jonathan Drouin just went up another level.

Sportsnet reported the currently suspended forward will lose a year on his entry-level contract despite being suspended for a majority of the current season. The Tampa Bay Lightning do not have the option to peition to have the contract ‘tolled.’ As Chris Johnston wrote in the article, tolling is “the legal term for extending a contract when a player doesn’t satisfy its terms.”

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly explained further:

“We haven’t previously had a practice of allowing clubs to toll partial season breaches,” Daly wrote Thursday in an email. “Had this been the last season of the contract, however, we may have entertained an argument for ‎some form of remedy or relief in this situation.”

This is important for teams who are considering acquiring Drouin.

Had the toll been allowed, teams would essentially receive Drouin for two years at a cheaper price. Instead, they’ll have him for one year at the entry-level price tag before he becomes a restricted free agent.

Considering the way he’s acting during this dispute, it’s not surprising teams are skittish on taking a chance on him if they have to negotiate with him after next season.