Watch Dustin Byfuglien turn Mark Stone into pavement (Video)

Ask Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators what it feels like to be runover by an 18-wheeler at full speed.

The hit delivered by Dustin Byfuglien on Stone is going to live on in highlight reels forever as one of the hardest clean checks the league has seen in a while. 

Stone has his head down as he plays the puck along the boards. Dustin Byfuglien delivers a clean body check at full speed that knocks the Ottawa forward down to the ice.

While the Senators were not pleased with their second leading scorer being steamrolled, the check was clean and no penalty was called on the play.

Stone skated off the ice immediately with the trainer in tow. He returned about five minutes later, and played one shift for 51-seconds. The period ended shortly thereafter. Prior to the start of the third period, Ottawa reported Stone would not return for the final frame due to a chest injury.

Gord Wilson of TSN 1200 and SensTV released additional information after the game:


Hopefully this is just precautionary, and Stone will be okay. No sense risking his future health for a season that is on the verge of being over.