Kadri cross-checks Glendening’s head; suspension to follow? (Video)


If Nazem Kadri is making an attempt to stay under the NHL’s radar, he’s not doing a very good job at it.

As the video shows, Kadri and Luke Glendening get into a tussle near the corner boards. Once Glendening knocks Kadri to the ice and the helmet off his head, he rejoins the play in front of the Toronto Maple Leafs net.

Like a heat seeking missile, Kadri goes directly at Glendening. Once he is close enough, the Leafs forward launches his stick toward the head of Glendening, and appears to make contact. The Detroit Red Wings player falls to the ice and Kadri stands over him, as if he was admiring his handiwork. After looking a bit shaken up, Glendening made it back to the bench and played the rest of the game.

The officials caught the cross-check by Kadri, giving him two minutes.

The Department of Player Safety may be less benevolent than the officials for a couple reasons.

First, he goes out of his way to attack Glendening. It had nothing to do with battling for the puck. Second, he’s clearly retaliating for what Glendining did to him. Lastly, he’s considered a repeat offender with Player Safety. His last suspension was in March 2015 for an illegal check to the head in which he received four games.

The last month and a half have seen Kadri run afoul of the NHL.

In early February, he was first warned by Hockey Operations to watch his diving/embellishment. Just a few days later, he was fined $5,000 for making a throat slash gesture during a game. After a March 12 game, he was out $2,000 for diving/embellishment. He followed that up nine days later with a $5,000 fine for the same thing. However, none of those fines are factored into Player Safety hearings; just further cements Kadri’s status on the ‘naughty list.’

We will have to wait and see if anything comes of this incident. As written in our profile of Player Safety, all questionable plays like this one are clipped by Damian Echevarrieta and Patrick Burke, and sent on for further review by Stephane Quintal.

It’s on Quintal now to make a decision whether or not to proceed with supplemental discipline.

Stick-tap @StefanKubus