Steve Mason allows unbelievable goal from center ice (Video)

Steve Mason just guaranteed himself an appearance on every sports highlight program across North America, and not for a good reason.

Unfortunately for Mason, he was on the wrong end of a highlight reel goal for Jason Chimera.

At the red line, Chimera deflects a stretch pass from Karl Alzner into the Philadelphia zone. Everyone assumed it was going to go the distance and be whistled for icing. 

Only problem: included in that group of “everyone” is the Flyers goaltender. The puck dribbles down the ice, hits Mason on the inside of the knee and floats into the net.

Check it out:

Worst. Goal. Ever.

It’s one thing to give up a goal like that during the regular season, but in the playoffs? Against the Washington Capitals? Eeek.

One theory as to why Mason didn’t make the save: His groin was still smarting from a stop minutes earlier where he pushed off and did the splits.


He stayed down on the ice for a minute or two before getting up to continue the game. Then the goal happened. 

Probably giving him too much of the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, how do you give up THAT goal?!