Schenn lands high hit on Oshie; suspension coming? (Video)

Brayden Schenn is looking at some extended time off after his hit on T.J. Oshie in the second period of Game 6.

As the video shows, Oshie is bent at the waist as he plays the puck to Alex Ovechkin. Schenn sees Oshie the entire way. The Flyers forward leads with the shoulder, making contact with Oshie’s head.

Yes, Oshie is in a prone position, but he stays that way the entire time Schenn is lining him up. Schenn makes no attempt to correct his position or pull off of the hit. On the follow through, Schenn appears to leave his feet, but that’s going to happen when making contact and lifting up with the shoulder.

Regardless, this is charging.

Oshie went off the ice and down the tunnel for the remaining 5:22 of the second period. He returned to play all of the third.

Even though the Flyers were eliminated, Schenn is still probably going to receive a phone call from the Department of Player Safety. Should he be suspended, the ban will be in effect for the beginning of the 2016-17 regular season.