Stanley Cup Final Game 2: Puck Daddy’s Postgame Awards

(Ed. Note: We’re changing things up for the Stanley Cup Finals. Instead of writing Three Stars as we normally do on game night, we’ll be handing out some post-game awards.)

First Star: Conor Sheary, Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins forward scored the game winning goal in overtime to give them a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup Final. We can turn to the only source that calls game winning goals the best in the playoffs: Hockey Night in Punjabi.


Worst Star: Logan Couture, San Jose Sharks

It’s not that Couture had a horrible game. He did have an assist on the game tying Justin Braun goal. It’s what he said afterward that made it seem a bit like sour grapes.


We’re not saying Sidney Crosby is an angel; far from it. Couture could just be reacting to the emotion of losing a second straight game in the Stanley Cup Final.

Head to head against Crosby in Game 2, he was 1 for 4 on the faceoff dot. One of their four faceoffs came in the defensive zone, which Couture lost. The other three came in the neutral zone with Couture winning one.

What we know for sure: this will debated ad nauseum until Game 3 in San Jose on Saturday.

Congratulations to this Penguins fan for being awarded the title of ‘THAT GUY’ in Game 2:


First Pittsburgh Pirate honored on broadcast by Doc: … 


It’s widely known Doc always sneaks in some sort of reference to his favorite baseball team in every NBC/NBCSN broadcast. We hope he’s okay.

When in doubt, blame Pierre.

Best picture presented without context: Don Cherry (dressed like a normal human being) and Ron MacLean from Hockey Night in Canada.


Best example of Crosby and Patric Hornqvist’s relationship:

Watch Sid’s face and body language the entire time. It’s even more fun if you imagine the thoughts going through the Pittsburgh captain’s head.


Best telestrator puzzle of the night: Too many men on the ice.

This is a missed call by the officials at the end of the first period being explained to the home viewers by Eddie Olczyk.

See if you can spot it first. It’s very subtle.


Olczyk went ahead and numbered the extra players. He happened to label goaltender Martin Jones as No. 3. Technically that’s correct if the player in white skating towards him is going to play goal and Jones intends to leave the ice. Either way, too many men.

Best time for Crosby to complain about not getting a call and he didn’t: his interaction with Joe Thornton.

Crosby (ALLEGEDLY) has the reputation of being a complainer about not getting calls. He’s gotten better over the years. Perhaps he’s matured too much, though.

Joe Thornton had had enough of Crosby’s sass in the game and attempted to decapitate him, among other things.


Best ‘DUDE! BRO! SERIOUSLY, BRO!’ Tweet: Players from Dartmouth men’s hockey team


Greatest hits of ‘S— Pierre Says’ in Game 2:

Goalposts played a prominent role in Game 2. There are at least six hit in the game before Braun’s game tying goal dinked off the post and in. Here are Pierre McGuire’s analysis:

“[Tomas Hertl’s] had a hat trick, but of a different sort. 3 posts in this game so far!” (Said while laughing at his own joke.)

“It’s a clank fest tonight at both ends.”

“It’s been equal opportunity and the pipes have stood up big time.”

Best chirp to a team account and tweet of the night by @TASXXH: