Stanley Cup Final Game 4: Puck Daddy’s Postgame Awards

(Ed. Note: We’re changing things up for the Stanley Cup Finals. Instead of writing Three Stars as we normally do on game night, we’ll be handing out some postgame awards.)

First Star: Phil Kessel, Pittsburgh Penguins

Phil had 9 shot attempts (4 shots on goal, 5 attempts blocked) against the Sharks. He collected two assists. His first was on Ian Cole’s goal. Then he had a beauty of a pass on the power play to Evgeni Malkin to put the Pens ahead by two.

If he’s not already on top of your Conn Smythe list, he should be pretty darn close.

Worst Star: Martin Jones, San Jose Sharks

He faced 20 shots total. We’ll give him a pass on the Malkin goal because that was just an incredible play. The goal he gave up to Cole in the first period was a MASSIVE rebound he kicked directly to him. Eric Fehr isn’t a sniper by any means but Jones helped him look that way. Just an off night in the solid playoff run of Jones.

Best dressed fan?


Doc’s reference to the Pittsburgh Pirates: He’d gone two games without mentioning the PIrates and we were worried. Finally, he broke through at the end of Game 4. Literally at the end; like when the broadcast’s end music was rolling:

“It was October 1960 the last time a Pittsburgh team named the Pirates, Steelers or Penguins won a championship within the city limits. There have been 11 titles since then, but none of them won at home. Something this group of Penguins have a chance to do on Thursday. Maybe Bill Mazeroski will be there.”

Mazeroski played his entire 17-year baseball career with the Pirates.

Best GIF of how we assume Brent Burns walks through his daily life:


Best-worst playful banter that makes you want to take an acid shower when taken out of context:

Eddie Olczyk reads Belmont Stakes promo

Doc: My step-mom wants to know what you know, what you’re thinking because she has trusted you in the past.

Eddie: I’ll try to make her happy again, Doc.

Doc: Okay.

Eddie: Maybe right before, on Friday.

Doc: Mary’s waiting.

Best television show not yet greenlighted:


Best Hockey Night in Punjabi call: Eric Fehr’s goal to give the Penguins the 3-1 lead.


Best example of Mario Lemieux being human just like us: He awkwardly celebrates Eric Fehr’s goal with a high five to a fist pound.


Best example that Pierre McGuire has no idea what’s going on: The NBCSN “analyst” asked Sidney Crosby this question after Game 4, “How come you’ve been dominating in the faceoff circle so much? It’s been a huge part of this series.”

To Crosby’s credit, he kind of laughed at the question (before his NHL installed programming took over and he went into soundbite mode.) Last week the media was consumed with the story of Crosby cheating on the dot after Logan Couture said as much and then walked it right back a couple days later.

Sid was 42 percent on the dot in Game 4. He only dominated in Game 2 at 71 percent. That’s when the Couture comments came down.

Best punny chirp to the Sharks #TurnUpInTeal hashtag:


Best photo presented without context:


Best Photoshop of best photo presented without context: