Mystery solved! Why did Tony X, fan sensation, no-show NHL Awards?

LAS VEGAS — Tony X. sprang into popularity this year as the newest fan to the great sport of hockey and more specifically the St. Louis Blues. He was so popular (by NHL standards) that he was asked to attend to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas as a guest of the League.

At 5:19am PT time, Mr. X tweeted out a picture of a Southwest ticket.


Sources close to the event were under the impression that Tony X’s flight was cancelled. The same sources have been unsuccessful at getting in contact with Tony X today at all. They don’t know if he made it to Vegas.

At 4:18 p.m. PT the NHL’s Twitter account reachout directly with the social media phenomenon. As of publication has not responded.


On the broadcast, host Will Arnett and model Erin Heatherton spoke of Tony’s absence and introduced the hashtag #TONYMIA. Many assumed at first it was some joke by the producers of the show and Tony X would emerge at some point.

He didn’t.

UPDATE (11 a.m. on Thursday): Tony X. himself has solved the mystery!

“Missed my original flight out of St. Louis at 6 a.m. Next flight they could put me on that had with seats wasn’t until 1:55 a.m. getting into Vegas at 3:30 p.m. [which was] was minutes. before the show. So I left drove home after a few hours, went to sleep and overslept that flight so basically I [expletive] up. Didn’t even make it to Vegas. Terrible day. I feel terrible. Sorry everyone”