Montreal Children’s Hospital patients read letter from P.K. Subban (Video)

One the lasting legacies of P.K. Subban’s time in Montreal will not be something he did on the ice. Nor will it be the trade that sent him to Nashville. It will be the humanitarian impact he had in the city.

In September 2015, Subban pledged $10-million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital over a seven year span. Already a fan favorite of many of the kids in Montreal, he cemented himself in their hearts with his incredible gift.

The news of his trade was met with ‘grief’ from the children. The Montreal Gazette reported, “Doctors, nurses and social workers did their best to reassure the inconsolable children their knight still belonged to them even if he no longer belonged to the Canadiens.”

Subban reassured the kids he was not going to leave them with an incredible heartfelt letter Check out the video as kids and families read what Subban wrote. (Might want to grab the tissues before you do.)


“… just because I have a new address, doesn’t mean my commitment to you and to the hospital is going to change one bit.”

Wow. If that doesn’t tug at your heart strings, then your heart is two sizes too small, Mr. Bergevin.