Chronicles of Stanley: Sid’s photo album for Dupuis; fries, pasta, fro-yo and more

[The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Pittsburgh Penguins as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.]


If this week’s round of up of Cup celebrations had a theme, it would be food and drink.

Kris Letang kicked off his day with the Cup by having a bowl of Muesli with his 3-year-old son, Alexander.


Alexander continued the feast by dining on a croissant in front of the trophy.

Before the Letangs took the Cup out for a public showing, Kris helped clean the chalice in his home sink.


In Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Kris brought the Cup to a local high school to celebrate with the locals. From Arpon Basu of

“A lottery system was put in place in which 300 families would get an opportunity to take a photograph with Letang and the Cup for $5, and approximately 800 tickets were given out.

“Proceeds from the photo opportunity are going to local charities selected by Letang, including Participe-Don, a foundation that helps families experiencing temporary financial trouble to keep their kids enrolled in sports or other extracurricular activities.”

He also took the Cup to a local hockey rink as a surprise for the youth hockey players in attendance.


Then it was back to celebrating with family and friends. We’ve seen many a Stanley Cup cake this offseason, but none have included miniature fondant replica of the player and his wife and son.



Then the real party got started.

Now nothing says Stanley Cup champion quite like uncorking a bottle of champagne with a sabre.


(We’re sure the entire Penguins organization was holding their breath as Letang sliced the bottle.)

He shared the wealth helping his attendees get a sip out of the chalice.

The Cup stayed in Quebec as it made its way to the hands of Marc-Andre Fleury.

He, like Letang, started the day off with his progeny by having the most important meal of the day out of the most important trophy in hockey.


This wasn’t the last food or beverage Fleury would take in on his day with the Cup. He followed it up with a drink for himself…


And one for his sister…


Then a little FroYo straight into the bowl.


Not all of Fleury’s day was centered around food and drink.

His most important stop came at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

“Ever since I had kids, it’s more touching,” Fleury said to “It was important to me to go put some sunshine in their day.”


The Cup stayed in Quebec a little longer as it was handed off to Pascal Dupuis, and the small army with him, that awaited the trophy’s arrival.


The day was wrought full of emotions for Dupuis who retired midseason due to complications from blood clots. One thing that made his day a little brighter – a scrapbook.

From Sean Farrell of

“Yes, it does feel bittersweet a little bit,” Dupuis said. “You get the Cup, you want to celebrate. But at the same time I got a gift by the mail [Saturday]. Basically, it’s a book of all the pictures of all the good stuff we went through. It came from Nova Scotia, so you guys can figure out who it came from (Crosby), but he couldn’t give it to me during the season, he saw me skating a little bit.

“And he sent it [Saturday], before my day with the Cup, so he knew what he was doing to get me right here,” Dupuis said, putting his fist over his heart.

AWWW. SID MADE A PHOTO ALBUM FOR HIS BFF DUPUIS. If that ain’t true captain material, we don’t know what is.

After some quick photos with family and friends, he shared the Cup with the citizens of Blainville, Quebec. According to TVA Sports (translated from French) nearly 4,000 people came by to see the trophy.


The event was coupled with a fundraiser. Raffling off three signed jerseys, the event netted $3,000 for the Miriam Foundation. A charity that helps those on the autism spectrum and with other intellectual disabilities.

Following the meet and greet, Dupuis retired back to his friends and family for a more low key celebration.

We don’t know if the adults imbibed out of the Cup, but the kids did. We’re also assuming that’s water they’re drinking.


We’ll dive more into the days with Stanley next week of the following players, but we wanted to make sure we come full circle on the food and beverage theme in the week that was.

The always hilarious Nick Bonino goes full Italian with pasta, complete with fresh grated parmesian, in the Cup:


Brian Dumoulin feeds sea water to his friend. Ew. Even if it does come from the Cup, it’s gross.


Later that evening, he visited a local bar where he shared the wealth. The bar even provided him with his (apparently) standard triple fist beer.

Last night Brian Dumoulin brought the Stanley Cup to the bar I work at in Portland!

Bryan Rust opted for the post-drink snack of many a late night party goer – McDonald’s french fries.