Phil Kessel delivers death blow Tweet after USA loss

Just minutes after Team USA let out a big old, wet fart against Team Canada, an American hero took to social media to express his thoughts.

That man is Phil Kessel.

In the immortal words of Mortal Kombat: FINISH HIM.



That is what the kids refer to nowadays as shade.

Kessel, as many have noted, was not included on the first round of Team USA hockey invites for the World Cup. He wasn’t on the second round either. He wasn’t an injury replacement. Finally he seemed to take himself out the running by having surgery on his hand after he hoisted the Stanley Cup over his head.

For whatever reason, the brass at USA Hockey (or maybe Dean Lombardi?) just didn’t want to include Phil in the World Cup of Hockey team from the get go.

Perhaps he lacked the grit and tenacity the team was looking for? Well, their plan went over real well. Now they look even more like a-holes for getting surreptitiously called out by one of the best American talents.

USA Hockey, you just got Phil-Kwan-Doh’ed.