Watch Team Canada politely celebrate their World Cup win

Pretty much everyone except Team Europe was settled on the fact that Team Canada was going to win the first World Cup of Hockey since 2004.

The question was then: how would they celebrate?

This isn’t the Stanley Cup. Nor is it winning a gold medal at the Olympics, or even winning a gold at the World Champions for that matter. Let’s get real, this is an NHL tournament to make some extra cash; not a major milestone.

But still, they won and DEM BOYZ from Canada got to celebrate their way with polite handshakes, one armed hugs and high fives.

First, game the shedding of the gear. Usually you see gloves, sticks and helmets to flying in the final seconds of Stanley Cup clinching game. Tonight, they shook off equipment as they skated over to Carey Price or before they left the bench.

Sidney Crosby was named the tournament MVP. He didn’t receive a mini trophy or something new. He got a clear plaque, reminiscent of those you’d see in middle-management offices for ‘Best Regional Manager by Pound of Paper Sold in Scranton.’

You can barely see it against Crosby’s jersey. We don’t know the backstory behind the ‘trophy,’ but we can only assume they carved it out of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

Then came the big moment- the World Cup of Hockey Trophy.

As captain, Sid got to hoist the Frank Gehry designed silver tampon encased in clear plastic trophy. He skated it around for a hot second before handing it off to Joe Thornton. It was less emotional than him handing the Cup to Trevor Daley, and a bit more like, ‘I don’t know what else to do with this.’

(Reports that the trophy has trapped John Tavares inside of it for all eternity are unconfirmed.)

After every player had his skate with the ugly vase from your great aunt chalice, they went to celebrate with the booze!

Donning goggles, these Canadian boys were ready to part like it was … high school?


They look a bit sheepish, no? Like Mike Babcock is going to come in and smack the beers out of their hands.

Well, Babs did come in and he did something that just doesn’t seem hygienic with this trophy. He drank beer out of it.


The Canadians will paint Toronto red for one last time before going back to their respective team training camps.

Let us leave you with one lasting memory of the Canadian’s win at the World Cup of Hockey. The raising of the flag and the special rendition of the national anthem.